2007 Temptation Port

Temptation Port
Cost: $ 35.00 per 375ml


Double Gold, Best of Class - Amador County Fair - July 2015
Double Gold Best of Region - California State Fair - June 2015

Temptation Port Wine Information

A dessert wine wine made in 2007 from late harvest Tempranillo grapes. This wine had so much sugar even after fermentation it was 17% alcohol by volume.  Mark wasn't sure what he was going to do with it, so we decided to boost up the alcohol and turn it into a dessert wine, We took a couple barrels of wine into a local distillery and they made 170-190 proof ( white lightening) from it.  We added the (white lightening) into our Tempranillo and whoa la... we had an amazing port (dessert wine) on our hands.  This wine has vanilla and caramel characteristics on the tongue, yet not too sweet to enjoy. This was the first label in our Pirate design and we hope you like her. :)